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  • Loading a heavy weight coil Tubing
  • Unloading Multiple Barges With different size pipes & Casings
  • Offloading multiple barges loaded with Big bags and Drums
  • Lifting a fishing boat filled with fishes from wate
  • Unloading different size of pipes in a limited duration of time
  • Celebrating Norouz at the Kish Port
  • Unloading Multiple Barges With different size pipes & Casings
  • Organizing a fire drill Process and teaching the employees How to use the Fire Extinguishers
  • Loading an unbalanced Wire Hank of 35 Tons From vessel to wharf and vice versa
  • Unloading Multiple Barges With 2000+ Pallets and Big Bags
  • Lifting a vessel from water & transferring for repairs
  • Loading an unbalanced Underwater Boat
  • Celebrating the Jubilee of Negarestan at the Kish port
  • Unloading Multiple Barges With 3000+ Pallets and Big Bags
  • Unloading an unbalanced Glassware from Vessel To truck
  • Unloading a Large quantity of Pipes in a limited period of Time
  • Unloading Multiple Barges With Heavy Pipes
  • Unloading Heavy Coil Tubing and Transferring to Client Yard
  • Unloading And Transferring Different Good and Materials in large Quantity
  • Celebrating Personnel’s birthday occasions
  • Offloading Couples of barges with a large number of Bigbags and Pallets
  • Transporting Heavy and Unbalanced Pipe racks to client yard
  • Organizing Classes for Pickup Drivers
  • Unloading Barges in a limited period of time
  • Loading And Transferring Heavy Mixer’s
  • Stacking Different Size Pipes and Casing
  • Unloading And Transferring A Large Amount of Barges with Chemicals
  • Unloading 4000+ Pipes for Clie• Unloading 4000+ Pipes for Client Company nt Company
  • Thanks giving ceremony To personnel’s with best safety actions
  • • Loading Materials with Unique Shapes and Sizes
  • Professionally Offloading airplane  Engine from truck in an narrow working Place
  • Loading indefinite shaped baskets on Trucks from Fence
  • Unloading an full Landing Craft in about 6 hours


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